Digital solutions have the potential to completely transform store operations and the customer experience in every way.

Intelligent Store Benefits

Digital solutions have the potential to completely transform store operations and the customer experience in every way. With electronic shelf labels as the building blocks of retail digitalization, endless and exciting solutions can be integrated into a holistic system of automation, optimization, data, and insights.

Hanshow’s Intelligent Store solutions include a range of technology that delivers convenience for the customer through self-checkout kiosks and smart trolleys with self-checkout features, along with sales boosting digital signage for retailers.

In-store Marketing Solutions

Hanshow’s in-store marketing solution enhance the operating efficiency by bringing a systematic approach of digital signage management. Not only the hardware can be remotely managed, but also the content on screens can be generated through template fed in with the data from the clients’ database, which minimize the workload of operators at the store place.

Self-Service Solutions

The self-checkout kiosk allows for retailers to forgo the cost and space intensive manual checkout register while customers no longer need to wait in long lines during peak hours. Hanshow’s smart trolley features a screen for in-store navigation, advertising and promotion features, as well as self-checkout payment directly through the trolley.


Self-Checkout Kiosk

Self-checkout kiosks are one of the quickest tools for increasing retail efficiency, and Hanshow's kiosk - a winner of both the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award - contains the top functionality on the market for this solution.

Lumina Aqua

A truly one of a kind Electonic shelf label, Lumina supports vivid displays on an LCD screen that instantly enlivens retail settings.

Lumina Edge

Lumina Edge is Hanshow's Unique shelf-edge digital marketing screen series, transforming a static and tried shelf display into a vibrant and eye-catching point of sale for retailers.

Lumina Max

Lumina Max is the biggest screen in the Lumina series, designed for displays in large settings.

Smart Trolley

Hanshow's smart trolley features a built-in screen and a basket base scale that allows for easy self-checkout along with in-store navigation, targeted promotions and advertising, membership benefits, and other store information.