Why Electronic Shelf Labels?

Electronic shelf labels (ESL), provide retail stores with a range of features that improve operational efficiency, reduce pricing errors, and reduce labor costs by allowing for remote updates of entire labeling systems from centralized servers as well as many other benefits:


Price accuracy and eliminating pricing discrepancy between the label and the register. 

Delivery Order Picker Efficiency

Navigation and LED lighting for order picking

Product Info

More product information for customers

Employee Well-being

Improve employee well-being by removing menial tasks

Waste Reduction

Reduces waste by eliminating need for paper labels, and increasingly long ESL product lifecycles now see devices such as Hanshow's Nebular or Stellar Pro series with a lifecycle of 10 years. 

Improve Store Appearance

Improves store appearance by providing a more modern, sleek aesthetic.

Retail Digitalization

Serves as the building block IoT device for communication with expanded retail digitalization technology form AI shelf monitoring to just-walk-out fully autonomous stores.

Hanshow's Advantages

Battery Life

Up to 15-year battery life


Highest dust and water protection ratings on the market

Award Winning

Award winning design


Trusted by over 30,000 stores around the world

Reduced Energy Consumption

Proprietary chip processor and flexibly ion battery for reduced energy consumption


Durable anti-scratch screen.

Thinnest ESL

One of thinnest ESL on at the market at 7.8 mm



Redefine the future of ESL solutions with Hanshow's newest technology and innovation. Nebular is an upgrade in every way, with proprietary SIP ultra-low power design, extended battery life, and sleek unibody design.


Hanshow's classic ESL has become one of the best-selling digital labels in the world, powering some of the industry's largest retailers.