Devices and networks can now all operate together.

Why All Star?

As stores increase their level of digitalization through additional layers of IoT devices, systems, and networks, it can quickly become a complex and disconnected web of technology.

Hanshow Developed All-Star Platform

All-Star can help customers quickly build up a large number of IoT device management capabilities and flexibly support system integration, secondary development of third-party applications, and customized solution development, ultimately achieving the goal of promoting the upgrade of retail digital stores with technology empowerment.

The suite of Hanshow digital solutions for retailers can be separated into three main units

Each of these units contain a multitude of different devices that work in sync to deliver solutions for retailers.

Lowering the threshold for retail digital store transformation and comprehensively improving operational efficiency
Flexibility to build business applications according to user needs, integrate customized business connections

Cost Saving and Efficiency Improvement

Retail stores with multiple devices and systems need a lot of deployment costs and human learning and management costs, All-Star IoT platform integrated management can save human learning, system deployment and other cost


What’s more, Hanshow has developed an industry-first communications protocol that uses one transmission frequency to communicate with all Hanshow’s IoT devices, easing the burden on the range of signal frequencies previously needed. This new network communications protocol is called HiLPC (or high-density low power cellular network).

Centralized Management

Provides a rich out-of-the-box solution through flexible modular integration that enables pricing variation, inventory management, picking and positioning, smart payments and out-of-stock monitoring.